2017 Launch of “Vetas Vibrantes”

March 16, 2017

Openings 2017 #mueblesdrift.

That evening we had a great time together with our customers, friends, suppliers and important interior designers from Argentina who make DRIFT grow even more every day. We are very pleased to begin a new year moving forward, creating and sharing with the ones who work so hard.

During a week highly dedicated to design and good taste, we decided to take our workshop from Córdoba to Buenos Aires to meet / Invite customers from different parts of the country to start a new year of presentations with the latest tendencies. For many years, we have been committed to the use of sustainable products combined with local manufacturing and products. At present, it is our aim to strengthen the bonds with our current customers and to invite new ones to join us, like Luis (#luisgalliussi) who is from Spain and shared new different ideas with us.



By belen ortega | March 23 of 2017